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Marybeth Bradbury creates semi-abstracted figurative work of imagined characters in colorful, contemporary, distorted paintings. She says, “All of us humans have a story. We are wacky, wonderful, wounded creatures, beautiful in our imperfection, courageous in our vulnerability. Our outsides often don't reflect our journeys, our stories, our painful or ugly parts. We may be whimsical and fun, might be dark and frightening, but we are always more interesting than what sits on the surface. I hope to tell these stories and by doing so, help others to celebrate their own stories.” Through her expressive paintings, she strives to cut through the curated exterior that people often show the world and bring the inside out. Bradbury begins her pieces with an intention, a message that she often scrawls directly on a canvas, then works intuitively, carefully balancing in the space between conscious thought and feeling.

Marybeth entered this life as a creative spirit and grew to be a self-taught artist. After raising her three children, she pursued a visual arts program at Empire State College in Rochester, NY, then left  her career in the corporate world to pursue her art full time. Since then she has participated in many group exhibitions and solo shows.  She is primarily a painter, though she is also a skilled seamstress, bookbinder, fiber artist and encaustic artist.

ABOUT Marybeth

Juried Shows and Exhibitions
  • 2019 Wilmington Art Association Spring Show and Sale

  • 2019 Art in the Arboretum, Wilmington, NC

  • 2019 Solo Exhibition, Salty Turtle Brewing Co., Surf City, NC

  • 2020 ARTfall Wilmington, NC

  • 2020 Wilmington Art Association Spring Show and Sale

  • 2020 Art in the Arboretum, Wilmington, NC

  • 2021 Wilmington Art Association Spring Show and Sale

  • 2021 ARTfall, Wilmington, NC

  • 2022 Wilmington Art Association Spring Show and Sale

  • 2022 Solo Exhibition, Berkshire-Hathaway, Wilmington, NC

  • 2022 Landfall Foundation Show & Sale, Wilmington, NC

  • 2022 Landfall Foundation Show , Honorable Mention

  • 2022 Recipient, Artist Support Grant, Arts Council of Wilmington

Solo Shows
  • 2021     Martyrs & Legends, Aces Gallery, Wilmington, NC

  • 2022     Exhibition, Berkshire Hathaway Gallery, Wilmington, NC

  • 2023     Loving Kindness, Sertoma Arts Center, Raleigh, NC 2023

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