Seer of the Shore

The Seer of the Shore

Spiraling ever toward the source of the sacred


Adorned in the blues and greens of an ever-constant, ever-changing sea, The Seer stands in light between pillars of truths, speaking wisdom of the ages, and beckoning all to become who they are meant to be.  Spiraling from her center, the nautilus of balance spins toward the Vesica Pisces, through which all forms become one, and one becomes all.


The Seer gives us the gift of reminding us we carry our own wisdom deep within us.

Our Lady of the Spheres

Ever spinning in a dance within and without ourselves 

Our Lady of the Spheres beckons us to close our eyes, breathe deeply, and listen – really listen – to the music of the stars. She reminds us that we, and all that is both within us and without us, spin ever onward in a sacred dance. We twirl and spin in both joy and sorrow, in laughter and pain, in life and in death. It is in our connection to the spheres of the universe that we become whole, awaiting rebirth to dance and spin yet again. 


Our Lady of the Spheres teaches us that all life exists in a circle of pulsating energy.

Our Lady of the Spheres
The Empress

The Empress

Mother of mothers who calms the waters

Before her, the roiling river waves calm, the turbulent clouds dissipate, and the sun beams forth in soft morning light.  She stands at the helm of her ship, maintain its even keel, and navigating between treacherous rocks, so that those she loves will be safe.  She is the nurturer, the Mother of mothers, the soother of ills, the healer of sickness.  She carries within her the strength of still waters, steadfast in her trust in the divine light from above.


The Empress gives us the gift of reminding us that serenity comes from within.