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May you be happy
May you be well
May you feel safe
May you be at peace
May you be free from pain
May you be free from suffering

I’ve been thinking often about loving kindness lately, mostly in response to a person in my life who is in great need, but whom I cannot help in any way but through offering thought/prayer/meditation like these good wishes. The first step in a loving kindness meditation is to offer these things to oneself, then to particular others, then offering the gift to all living creatures. As my thoughts moved past my particular loved ones, I considered how very badly our entire world needs loving kindness and how I might express this in visual form. Quiet faces looking toward the viewer anchor the images while organic shapes and jewel tones evoke a gentle energy surrounding them, enveloping each in hopes and wishes. This series is my answer to integrating loving kindness into my life, imbuing these phrases and intentions into my work.

Loving Kindness in on exhibit at the
Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh, NC
January 1 through February 27, 2023 and made possible in part by a grant from The Arts Council of Wilmington, NC

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