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May You Be Free From Worry

I’m not one of those artists who can produce amazing work when their worlds are upside down. I need peace of mind, a quiet heart, and a calm environment, so it was hard for me to get work done this week. I’ve had a heck, no, helluva week: I’ve been completely preoccupied with concern for my son, who was supposed to be traveling to my home last Saturday for a week at the beach, but instead had to turn around and get back home and to a hospital quickly. He had a bit of a health emergency and had to have surgery. For four days I was prepared to jump in the car and drive the 750 miles to be with him, but he had another family member with him and my travel turned out to be unnecessary. Thankfully, he is ok and on the mend.

I had begun this painting for my Loving Kindness series before all this occurred and hoped that working on it would help distract me from my worry. I was also aware that I might totally screw it up since my head was not in the game. As I worked, I focused on loving kindness phrases that I collage into each piece in the very first stages, and a new one appeared in my heart: May you be free from worry. Boy, did I need that. She seemed to be looking right back at me with gentle calm and wishing it back to ME. And it worked. And she’s finished. And all is well with my world.

So next time you find yourself uneasy or unhappy, try giving yourself a gift of Loving Kindness. "May I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be at peace."

I wish all these things to each of you as well.

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