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Traveling Book Hits the Road

I've recently begun an art book collaboration with 9 other artists. Each of us makes a book by hand, gives it a theme and creates some artwork in the book, generally on a two page spread, and then mails it on to the next person in line, who, keeping in mind the book’s theme, adds their own work. At the end, the original artist gets her book back filled with wonder and beauty. There are fiber artists, collage artists, painters and more involved, so the end results are bound to be a visual and tactile treasure.

This is my third year in a row doing a project like this and I just love the collaboration aspect. Art making is usually a solitary endeavor, definitely so for me, so it's a load of fun to be able to work with others while still working alone, if you get my drift. Every month I get a new surprise and challenge. This time, my book's theme is Connections and is bound, or rather, folded, in an unusual format. You can watch the video below, which I created to show the other artists my plan, to see how the connection theme will play out as the others add their work. While it's not meant to be a tutorial, I give enough explanation about the book’s construction that you can probably put one together (or check You-tube for Dragon Fold binding).

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댓글 2개

2022년 9월 28일

So interested to see what art this format inspires! But I'll have to wait soooo long!


Marybeth Bradbury
Marybeth Bradbury
2022년 9월 30일
답글 상대:

Hopefully, the others will post some updates as they work. if so, I will share!

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