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Grace and the Open Portal

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grace lately. I can still recite most of the Catholic CCD class definition we had to memorize and parrot for First Communion prep, but beyond that, beyond Christian Institutions’ concept, I’m wondering, what is Grace ? I am a “None, as in “none of the above” religious affiliations, I assumed that when I left “The One True Church”, I had to leave Grace along with it since I was told it only comes through the church’s sacraments. I believe differently, but how does Grace even make sense outside religion? How do I become aware of it manifesting in my life? Big questions. No answers yet.

At the same time, it’s a New Year; a threshold from past to future, and portals, doorways and liminal space have been in the forefront of my mind. In working with this concept this visually, I found an old painted paper that appeared to me to be a portal to a bright, colorful world, so I collaged it into my journal and enhanced it until I found a world Full of Grace, of All Good Gifts. And that feels like a good place to start.

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14 ene 2023

Ah grace. Such a beautiful word in so many ways. I, too, grew up in the Christian/Catholic world where grace was bestowed upon us by God. And while I have not abandoned that concept, I have expanded my view. Grace can be bestowed on us from many sources. The most important one, to me, is me. Grace is an act of courtesy, of kindness, and of forgiveness. Grace in and for ourselves and others is a beautiful way to live and move through this "hard on myself and hard on others" world. It exists outside of religion because we walk this earth individually and with others and grace allows us to do so more humanely. Just the thoughts I have…

Me gusta
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