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I started work this week on 7 paintings in my #lovingkindness series. This is a stretch for me in both media, substrate, and format. I usually paint on canvas. That's it; paint and canvas. This series will be created on 10"x30" watercolor paper with ink on rice paper, fluid acrylics, wax crayons, digitally altered photo image transfers, stencils, and water soluble graphite.

My hope is to have richly textured pieces with transparent layers giving depth to the images. It's slow work, requiring patience, which is not my strong suit, but so far it's been a good lesson in moving systematically and at a quiet pace. As I work, I repeat the loving kindness phrases I've married into each piece of paper, hoping to imbue a bit of spirit and magic into each as they progress.

May you be healthy

May you be happy

May you be at peace

May you be free from suffering

May you be loved

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