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May We Be At Peace

I had a hard time working with Loving Kindness in mind this week. It felt more like Tragic Sorrow. I cried as I thought about my own graddaughters going off to school while my daughter worried sick about leaving them there the day after 19 babies the same age were murdered in their classrooms. Some artists can take those emotions and create powerful pieces from them; I get paralyzed. It's too much to feel. It I couldn’t put that darkness down on canvas in furious brushstrokes; I couldn’t begin to create images of how that horror and sorrow feel inside my heart. So, I put it aside for now and turned my heart to offering loving kindness in joyful colors to all of us who are in pain over this brutal attack on our children and put one foot in front of the other in my practice of loving kindness.

May we be at peace.

May we be free from suffering.

May we find joy.

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