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Loving Kindness

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

May you be happy May you be well May you feel safe May you be at peace May you be free of pain May you be free of suffering

I’ve been thinking often about loving kindness lately, mostly in response to a person in my life who is in great need, but whom I cannot help in any way but offering thought/prayer/meditation like these good wishes. The first step in a loving kindness meditation is to offer these things to yourself, then to particular others, then broadening to all living creatures. As my thoughts moved past my particular loved ones, I considered how very badly our world needs loving kindness and have been trying to soften my approach to those who offer up fear and hatred to us in media or legislature. It’s not easy. The best way for me to integrate something into my life is through my art, so I decided to make a series of paintings based on loving kindness: actually imbuing those phrases into my work. Below is a study I've been experimenting with, and I’ll be sharing more about the process and progress in the weeks to come. I hope you enjoy it and will come along with me for the journey.

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